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Today is the day! The day to get some polymer clay out and add it to the colorful mix of my little craftsy thingies 🙂


Here’s my polymer clay Cornflower pendant with some matching beads, uneven contours intended 🙂

Makes me feel a little nostalgic…thinking of that one time, when I was a kid, my aunt took me along on an outing trip with her ballet dance group. We discovered this beautiful blue field of cornflowers, my favorite ever since…Of course, my polymer clay creation is not even close to the beauty of a live flower, but I love it anyway 🙂

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A Quick Felting Project for a Spare Moment

Today, I’m sharing my idea for a set of felt coasters 🙂

Here’s my Rise and Shine set:


To make the Sunshine coaster, I started by laying out and needle felting fibers of different colors on a needle felting brush. In the next step, I wet felted the piece shaping it into what I wanted to see as a final result.


In making the Floral coaster, I laid out and wet felted a floral piece; then I used scissors to form petals. The final step involved placing the flower on a flat surface and shaping the petals to make sure the coaster is a perfect shape to hold a cup of tea or coffee 🙂