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Love Mandala

Love mandalas? Color the Love mandala 🙂 I did just that. Begin coloring at the center and proceed outward. Continue beyond the graphic adding your own hearts radiating love in all directions!

Love Mandala - Valentine Coloring Page - Bohemian Flower - MyTrailingHobbies


Love Mandala | MyTrailingHobbies


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Drawing or coloring geometric shapes and patterns appears to help clear the mind, focus, and relax 🙂 I don’t know how exactly that works, I’m not a neuroscientist :), but I’ve tested that many times on myself and it always feels great to’ve had a doodling / coloring “session”. I’ve even noticed it feels like I’ve accomplished something significant…as if I’d completed an important work-related project, for example 🙂 This makes me want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Try coloring this bouquet and see if there’s any difference in how you feel before and after. I’d be curious to know if you notice any change –

Bouquet - Coloring Page - Bohemian Flower - mytrailinghobbies.jpg

Here’a a printable coloring page in Letter format:

Bouquet – Meditative Coloring Page _ Bohemian Flower,

Here’s a printable coloring page in A4:

Bouquet – Meditative Coloring Page – A4_ Bohemian Flower,

So many books have been published on this, but it’s kind of cool to try it for yourself and see if it actually works 🙂

Have you tried meditative coloring?


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A New Year’s Resolution

  • pick up a pencil and practice drawing more often; revisit the fundamentals – and sketching-made-easylearn – and practice, in between my crocheting sessions, of course.

…with a holiday present came a New Year’s resolution (or was it the other way around?)…

As a kid, I loved drawing and painting. I’d always bring my watercolors and colored pencils on longish distance trips. Overtime, the focus shifted, and shifted, and shifted again…Now is as good a time as ever to pick those pencils and pens and brushes and colors back up and learn how to use them!

Here’s a drawing of a little dog I’ve made following (copying?) the step-by-step diagrams for “Running Dog” from a timeless classic, Drawing Made Easy by E.G.Lutz:


I hope you all had a good New Year’s! And I hope you received or Gave yourself a gift of something that’s important to You, something that you truly Enjoy 🙂